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Reiki Blessing for Your Business
Reiki Blessing for Your Business

A Reiki Blessing focuses primarily on healing the spiritual energy of the home, land or business.  It is performed within a ceremony that you can participate in. A blessing can be performed as often as it is needed to remove energy blockages that result from the accumulation of daily stress. 
Bless Your Business - No matter how large or small the Business or property
A blessing transforms your work space into a center of spiritual healing. It is commonly done in a ceremonial fashion that nurtures positive energies surrounding and within your business.  By blessing your business, you and your staff will also be blessed day after day.
Benefits of a Business Blessing 
  • Daily operations run more smoothly
  • The work environment has a renewed feeling of clarity and vitality
  • Employees and co-workers naturally feel better and get along better
Arrange for a Blessing today by contacting us at 281-235-0366 to find out more and determine what will be most beneficial to enhance your home or work living environment.
Space Clearings are performed in many ways by many types of spiritual practitioners. The term "Space Clearing" infers that they will primarily remove an undesirable “presence” from the space and perhaps replacing it with something more pure or clean. It does not imply adding compassion or "Healing" to the space. This is not the same as home or business blessing. Space clearing requires experts in the paranormal.
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