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Chakra Balancing Workshop

Chakra Balancing Workshop 
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 Reiki Chakra Healing
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 Chakra Energy

Learn techniques to increase natural energy flow through your chakras to promote energy healing. Open blocked or congested chakras and resolve aspects of your life that need to be balanced as you examine your body’s energy running through your chakra system. Learn about meditation, color stones and Prana "Life Force" breathing to stimulate natural energy from your Root Chakra to your Crown Chakra and beyone.

We invite you to join us in our next upcoming two hour "Chakra Balancing Workshop". It will be a wonderful experience of shared personal growth and learning for all of us. 

Our Chakra Healing Class is also available in Spanish by special request. Please Contact Us for more information. 

Chakra Balancing Workshop Date and Time
Our "Chakra Balancing Workshop" are currently scheduled on

Please Contact Us for a current class schedule.

Class time is from 9:15am to 12:30pm.
This workshop alternates with our Tuning Forks Workshop.

We need to have 4 people scheduled for a class to make. Please confirm prior to arriving.

Additional dates and times are available for groups of 6 or more.

Chakra Balancing Workshop Description
This exciting two hour workshop is a combination of lecture, group discussion and experience. In addition to learning to balance your chakras, this class also includes specific chakra healing. After completing this class, students will be ready to heal and increase their energy level through their chakras.

Our Chakra Balancing Workshop includes the following material:

  • Learning about chakras healing, the major energy centers that connect our bodies to universal life force energy.
  • Learning how to mediate
  • Learning about Prana "Life Force" breathing 
  • Learning how to balance your chakras to feel more energetic and healthy
  • You will come out of this workshop knowing more about the chakra energy system and how to apply it in your everyday life! 

Chakra Workshop
Class Cost $50

Location and Directions
Please Contact Us for location and directions

Advanced Reservation is required. So, please Contact Us to reserve your space today in this exciting workshop that will benefit you and others with a lifetime of healing knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you there!
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